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What Lessons Can Kids Learn From Superheroes?

Children can’t get enough of superheroes. Many are the hours we spent as kids imagining we had superpowers, pretending to be our favorite characters from comic books, films, and TV, and of course, getting to wear those great costumes to school or anywhere else we could.

Of course that hasn’t changed. Superhero culture has been evolving, but our love for it, especially from the little ones, will always be present, because there will always be new adventures to begin and new lessons to learn.

That’s why as we get ready to celebrate National Superhero Day, we want to help parents encourage superhero play at home, so we thought it would be fun to share some of the most important real life lessons children can learn from superheroes:

  • We Can Have More Empathy

Everybody is different but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We can find power in embracing those differences. Seeing superheroes protect others teaches us to be more empathetic and caring towards people around us.

  • We All Have Weaknesses

Even Superman has kryptonite, so we just have to accept we all have weaknesses. Nobody’s perfect and there’s no shame in feeling vulnerable, but we have to remember that adversity can be overcome.

  • Heroes Put Maximum Effort

Everybody can relate to that famous phrase in Spider-Man: “with great power comes great responsibility”, because to aspire greatness, we must work for our dreams and always give our best effort..

  • We Can Have Courage

We all have fears, but we can either face them or learn to control them, because in the face of adversity, even heroes are afraid, but they must learn how to gather strength and courage to overcome those fears.

The great thing about superheroes and their stories is that they can inspire us to be better everyday. When children can relate, they live through their favorite characters’ adventures, so it’s important they learn valuable life lessons as well.

At KidZville Learning Academy we’re always excited about National Superhero Day, and this Friday we know children will be more than ready to celebrate, as they get to come to school dressed as their favorite superhero. We will surely be prepared for a powerful celebration!

If you want to learn about our next celebrations and events, please check out our website, and browse through our previous blogs to find even more useful information about children’s home education.

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