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There’s a World of Fun for Your Kids at Home!

Summer Fun at Home

It’s not a surprise that children love summer. They know they get a chance to forget about schoolwork for a little while and enjoy some free time on vacation. As parents though, we don’t want our children to just spend the whole summer in front of the TV or the computer. They know they’ll get their screen time, but we have to make sure they can participate in productive activities as well.

Summer Camp is always a great opportunity for parents to keep kids entertained knowing they will be having fun with their friends, but when that is not an option, parents need to get creative in order to keep their children away from boredom. We believe in fostering the imagination of kids and we want to give parents a hand, so we’ve put together a list of fantastic summer activities that will keep your littles ones engaged, entertained, and learning along the way.

  • Backyard Campout. You can create an unforgettable experience in your own backyard. Set up a tent and get some snacks and sleeping bags to spend a night under the stars.

  • DIY Water Park. Get a sprinkler, a tarp, and some soap to create a homemade slip ‘n slide and start your own water balloon fight for a splashy day of fun.

  • Artistic Expressions. Break out the paints, crayons, and craft supplies and let their creativity run wild. Help them choose a theme they like and watch them have fun through art.

  • Cooking Adventures. Any time is a good time for kids to learn valuable skills for the future. From homemade pizzas to cupcake decorations, there are lots of easy recipes online.

  • Exploring Nature. The great thing about having a backyard is that you can create your own scavenger hunt, and see your little ones learning about plants and nature while having fun.

At KidZville Learning Academy, we believe it’s all about making the most out of this exciting time with our little adventurers, so no matter what activities you’re about to plan, the most important thing is trying to provide an environment where they can explore, learn, and have a blast all summer long.

There’s still a world of fun waiting for you and your kids at home. What else comes to mind? Let us know below which are your summer plans with your children and remember we’re in the middle of Summer Kamp at KidZville, so make sure you check out our website to see the rest of the schedule!

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