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Getting Ready for Picture Day!

Parents, are you ready for Picture Day? We know, your children are the ones who should be ready, but every parent knows Picture Day is as important for them as it is for their kids.

Picture Day can become one of the greatest days for children if everything goes well, but it can also be a nightmare having to deal with so many details, so if you need some help to make sure Picture Day goes well, here are a couple of things you can try:

*Comfortable Outfit. Kids should be dressed for success, but that doesn’t mean they have to put on an outfit they don’t like. Help them pick up a comfortable outfit so they can feel more relaxed.

*Little Details. Accessories can always compliment an outfit to let a bit of the children’s personality shine through, but make sure they’re not too flashy so they don’t steal the focus from the pictures.

*Practice Smiling. A natural smile is the way to go, so just make kids feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible so they can avoid forced grins in front of the camera and just be themselves.

*Right Attitude. Don’t set expectations that “everything needs to be perfect” or children will feel too pressured. Have a positive attitude about the whole thing so they don’t feel nervous.

Kids might not understand it yet, but we know how important it will be for them to cherish these moments later on in life, so let them feel as comfortable as possible, and most importantly: let them HAVE THEIR FUN!

This week will be special for KidZville Kidz, because Thursday, April 13th will be both Spring Picture Day and Graduation Picture Day!

I hope you get enough inspiration from our ideas to make it an amazing day, so feel free to share with us in the comments what else you’ll be doing to prepare, and don’t forget to check out our website for more information about next events.


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