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Fun Family Activities for the Winter!

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

Even when cold weather can sometimes be a drag during the winter season, it also gives a lot of opportunities to bond and share as a family.

Whether you like to go outside, or stay indoors, there are a lot of activities to escape seasonal boredom, so check out some of the favorite things we like to do to enjoy our family time:

  • Snow Tubing/Ice Skating. If you like to be outdoors, nothing beats playing in the snow, sledding, or hitting the rink to skate on ice.

  • Baking/Drinking. If you like indoors, take an afternoon to bake some cookies, prepare hot chocolate and enjoy a movie together!

  • Reading Time. Pick a few of your children’s favorite books and you can either read to them or read together to let the imagination fly.

  • Volunteering. Winters can be hard for some people, so let’s teach compassion and use some of our time to help those less fortunate.

January is a great month to start a new tradition, so which one will you adopt with your family this year? Let us know below which other fun activities you like to do this season, and remember to check out our website for more useful tips for school and our next KidZville events!

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